We have our own design in house and produce special production for our customers in the areas:

Workwear and suits with our own brands

Decor and signs

Car foil in the Stockholm area

Profile & Sports Products

We know that special design is the best solution when it comes to creating your own style.

We work with experienced manufacturers and have many nice reference assignments to show. We simplify the manufacturing process and also help you with small editions.

We guide you together to make the right product choices and then approve the sketches that are produced from the design department. We then take care of the rest of the process.

Development (First contact)

The first time you get in touch with us you will be assigned your own personal project manager who will handle all your wishes. Our project managers have experience in their field and are an asset when it comes to planning your wishes.

The design process

Time to get creative! Based on your needs and wishes, our graphic designers produce a set of sketches for you. We adapt them after any possible correction until they are ready to be sent to production.


Over the years, we have developed steady, long-term relationships with factories in both far and in Europe. Most of our production we create on a small scale on our own at our decor department in Arlanda, or in Vallentuna where we have embroidery and print on textile. Volume based, we take direct from the appropriate factory.

Completed production

Every year we make shipments with our selected agent in the distance where checks and samples are approved to then direct the shipments where our customers want delivery.