About us

Brandstyle – PSS – 2024 implements the right business platforms required for our customers! Even with the right level of service in 4 professional work wear stores! Always ready to give our customers the best service.

We has more than 20 years of industry experience in brand and product communication and we know that our customers choose to communicate through a mix of quality, creativity, curiosity and security. Together with our customers, we are building the most attractive concepts to realize their ideas, clarify and strengthen their brands and make them even more successful.

We are a modern company that works with strong, stylish brands and lifestyle products, we are agile with creative solutions. We create value for our customers. Our products and services simplify everyday life and strengthens the message of their communication and marketing. Design and quality are the guiding principles and the basis in our weekday.

Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability are important to us and therefore we have created our own department / box for hard and soft products. 100% sustainable clothing produced in accordance with the highest social, ethical and environmental certifications in the world: GOTS, Fairtrade, EU Flower, SA8000, Neutral® Responsibility and Öko-Tex. Choose category in our webshop and search for desired products.

PR Company with 4 workwear stores:

We deliver ready-made Business Platforms with a service through our stores to facilitate everyday life for our corporate customers, which in turn makes them more cost-effective. We also help our customers who want to achieve the best results in stores through our tools and knowledge in retail support.

We are leading in Sweden with many years of experience in the industry, turnover of over 60 million SEK. It should be safe, fun and easy to buy from us and we always aim at the highest level of service. We have the industry’s largest web shop that has a search engine with filter function and is adapted for all companies and all occasions!

Workwear & Suits

Work clothes should not only be durable and resistant to all the stresses they are exposed to. Also ergonomic and functional, while they are happy to look good and representative. When you order work clothes from us you get all this and a little more. Our own brand Work Wear Factory is immensely popular.

Design & Decor

Decals and signs are an important part of your company’s profiling. It is usually those who make the first impression of your visitors and customers. Decals or full-filing are two of the most common options for creating an effective photo frame. We make sure you get sustainable products with really nice print that lasts for many years. Then it is important to consider choosing high quality decal materials so that the decor for cars, for example, holds for dirt, rain, wind and strong sun. We have the products that keep the measure!


We have sports clothing, match sets, tracksuits and a complete selection of advertising and profile products that create a whole and give your association a visual identity. It not only strengthens the law and club band, but also gives your association the conditions to build on the future.